KeyPM (Key Portfolio Management) is a modular software platform created in order to meet the working requirements of independent asset managers.

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A unique centralised system able to integrate all banking sectors applying STP (Straight-through processing) solutions for the principal business processes.

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Our team is capable of developing ad hoc features according to the client’s needs, personalising the software to best satisfy the operative processes of their company.

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The Company

Korutoa SA is an Information Technology company that engages in the design, development and commercialisation of management software applications, principally in the banking ad fiduciary sectors. Korutoa is a ‘spin-off’ of the technological / technology centre of an important Swiss banking group and has, through its own human and technical resources, more than 20 years of experience in designing, developing and managing financial applications. Korutoa guarantees a high quality product through implementing (standard) software development methodology.

Through high quality partnership, Korutoa supplies system-oriented services, projecting and implementing network infrastructures. It does so paying particular attention to safeguarding the security and privacy of the companies managed via innovative solutions. The experience, specialisation and professionalism strengthened by the support of banking institutes are the competitive advantages that allow Korutoa to realise high-quality results in short periods of time to the clients' full satisfaction.

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