KeyREM (Key Real Estate Management) is an easy and intuitive module for the management of property sales that allows you to always have your company’s property offers and requests under control. Once data has been inserted, KeyREM allows you to do the following: create a master database of clients and properties, match offers to requests, print publicity posters, and manage appointments alongside any feedback relating to appointments, meetings or presentations.



Management of real estate master data

KeyREM features a detailed master database of all of the items for sale or rent (residential pieces of real estate, offices, trades them, industrial and lands) in the company's portfolio. All offers include a photo gallery

Master data set of clients

Informazioni anagrafiche inerenti clienti che offrono e clienti che cercano oggetti immobliari.

Management of property offers/ requests

The software creates a set of core information or ‘master data’ both for clients offering and clients searching for property.

Semantic matching between real estate offers and requests

We match the right buyer to the right property by associating the real estate offers that satisfy he research criteria with requests and pairing properties with requests specific to their characteristics. A Record of the offers proposed to each client is also maintained to avoid proposing the same item more than once.

Agenda management

Management of notes, events and activities linked to clients and/or properties.

Sending of e-mails

KeyREM directly sends e-mails with the documentation of selected items attached.

Customisable reports

Various types of reporting are available in multiple languages according to your company’s needs.

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